OSPS Web Calendar


    Welcome to the Old Saybrook Public School event calendar. To get to the calendar hit the "calendar" link above and to the right or the link at the bottom of this page.

    There are five calendars available to you. The calendar events are color coded as follows:

    • Board of Education - Purple
    • District wide - Red
    • Goodwin School - Pink
    • Middle School - Blue
    • High School - Green
    Also one can control which calendars are viewed by checking and unchecking the appropriate check boxes.

    To print the contents of any of these calendars one can either:
    • Use the Grab utility on a Macintosh to take a screen shot and print it
    • Use either alt Print Screen or Print Screen on a Windows P.C. and place the result in a suitable application and print it.
    Alternatively, one can subscribe to any of the calendars using a "CalDAV" compliant calendar application. If you can't find a suitable application on your computer, a good (and free) cross-platform CalDAV compliant application is Sunbird by Mozilla.

    The addresses of the calendars are as follows:

    • District Events
    • Goodwin School Events
    • Middle School Events

    • High School Events
    • Board of Education Events

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